American Meat Science Conference

Last week we had the privilege of being asked to speak at the American Meat Science Association's RMC conference here in Kansas City! This is the first time we have done anything like this and as a result we wanted to showcase Tappecue and how it can be used to produce consistent results. So we reached out to you and the BBQ community to find out things that can cause issues, enter the dreaded Brisket Stall.

Basically what a stall is, it's evaporative cooling, meaning that moisture is being released from the meat as a way to cool it down and the amount of moisture leaving equals the heat going in, ie. a stall. Because of this balance the meat will not continue to cook, and it stalls until all the moisture is evaporated out. This can cause a brisket to remain the same temp (between 150F and 170F) for hours at a time.

Now, there a number of ways to beat it, this is where you, our customers come in. We sent out a number of polls to see how to beat it and what are the pros and cons of the various methods. The majority ruled in favor of a method called the Texas Crutch, or wrapping the brisket in foil, or butcher paper to accelerate the cooking process. This uses a method of braising, it's the equivalent of working out in a track suit, you sweat but wont cool off.

To learn more I have attached our PowerPoint that we used for our presentation.

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