Tappecue in the Restuarant

Tappecue is an internet enabled data logger for time and temperature for food safety records.  This high-tech device can also potentially save you thousands of dollars on lost meat.  It's ability to alert as many users as possible when oven temperatures go out of thresholds or meat temperatures hit the desired temperatures, gives ease of mind. By utilizing Tappecue you can keep a detailed log of all of your cooking for both food safety and food consistency. 


Hear it in customers words to see how it has helped them.


Thomas Emmons - Owner of Dickey's Barbecue Franchise in Mesa and Chandler Arizona


I have been using the Tappecue for over 2 years and have recommended it to my peers in the food service industry.  Our Smoker Pits run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and so does my Tappecue. Our Pits are full wood burning pits with rotating racks. I use the Tappecue to monitor the Pit Temperature which has saved me thousands in possible lost product. We load 50-100 pounds of Brisket and Pork in our Pit every night. We have had several malfunctions, in the middle of the night, that cause the Pit doors to become ajar which not only stops the Rack rotation but allows heat to escape and temperatures to fall. If it wasn't for Tappecue alerting me, we would not have had our savory Brisket and Pork to serve to our guests and we would have had hundreds of dollars of meat tossed in the trash. It has paid for itself many times over and I will add Tappecue to every location I open.


Dave Von Rueden -  Director of Food & Beverage Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse


Our Company operates four Restaurants in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We specialize in Fresh BBQ Meats, in order to maintain our freshness standards, we have to smoke meats multiple times a day. The worrisome part is the overnight smoke when nobody is in the building.  What if the fire goes out, or the temp drops during the night, or the Manager forgot to turn on the smoker… The Tappecue System solves our worries; I can tell if our smokers are running and at the correct temp in the middle of the night from the comfort of my home.  It’s an effective “insurance” policy to be sure we have fresh BBQ for the next day!

I completely recommend Tappecue to anyone looking for a state of the art thermometer system.


Patrick Couturier - PAT BBQ


We are using Tappecue for our production of different smoked meat for wholesales, as it is mandatory to record our temperature we love the Tappecue as it produce nice graphics that are accessible anytime. We love the fact that it is not Bluetooth so any registered device can get temperature alarms.


Mark Wieland - BBQ Truck and Restaurant owner


I use a chamber probe and not a meat probe because of rotisserie chicken (limitation is the cords). The alerting system lets me leave the propane roaster and know when and if it runs out of propane. I mainly need this when at home and sleeping during the night. When smoking I use the meat probes and the chamber probe.

Session graph, for me is crucial in monitoring temperature drops and if meat went into the “danger zone”. This let me know if I need to throw out the meat or if it safe to reheat and bring back up to cooking temperatures. Also, the Session graphs allows for me to monitor consistency with BBQ and roasting.  Great product for what I need and recommends it to everyone.

For our local Kansas City restaurants we offer to do an install and set-up for you. This will elevate any issues you may have with install and we can train you on basic troubleshooting and answer any questions that you may have.

**This is only offered to Kansas City area locations.**

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