• Internal antennae allows for distance of the smoker/Tappecue
    to be as far as 180 feet spread from the wireless router/hotspot

  • Works with unsecured and secured networks

  • Secured networks supported

  • WEP-64 and WEP-128 (open mode only, NOT shared mode)

  • WPA2-PSK (AES only)

  • WPA1-PSK (TKIP only)

  • WPA-PSK mixed mode (some access points, not all are supported)

Tappecue V2.0 WiFi Thermometer Features

LCD displays temperature at the grill/smoker

View Temperatures and Graph from Web Browser
  • View Quick Temperatures from Web Browser

  • View Graph from Web Browser

  • (Note: cannot start smoking session from web browser,
    must begin smoking session from mobile app)

Mobile App Features
  • Alerts when the temperature min/max is reached. 

  • Alerts when the chamber goes low or high

  • Multiple mobile devices can be alerted

  • Default probe list that is customizable (i.e. poultry can be
    changed to chicken)

  • Guest Mode functionality to allow guests to view/get alerts to
    your temperatures

  • 4 thermistor probes

  • Temperature inputs in the range from 0 F to 572 F

  • Probe settings can be set for food or chamber temperature

  • Probes have a 6 foot wire leading up to the probe

Windows Installation Program
  • Windows installation program for registration and
    setting up the wi-fi security

MAC Installation Program
  • Mac installation program for registration and
    setting up the wi-fi security

Keep Your History
  • At the end of every smoking session you have an option to email
    the session results in a csv file format that can be imported into
    excel and graphed.  This data will have approximately 30 second
    temperature updates of all four probes.  Download our excel
    graph worksheet from our downloads page to import and graph
    into excel easily with our macro.

Power Supply ( AC/DC Wall Mount Adapter 5V 5W )
  • Allows for uninterrupted power with power brick

  • 6' long cord

  • USB Mini power allows for the ability to use commonly available
    USB battery packs