Chris Marks, Chief BBQ Expert

Tappecue gives the ability to monitor from anywhere as opposed

to the current limitations that are from blue tooth or radio frequency

monitoring devices. The smoking hobbyist of today is looking for

this new technology, so they can have the ability to be away from

their smoker and still have their food come out perfect. Tappecue

personally gives me this confidence when

I am away from my smoker."  
Chris Marks is a BBQ Champion (who has won 43 championship

including 8 American Royals), Smoker Designer (Good-One),
Chief BBQ Expert at Landmark Manufacturing, & head cook
of 3 Little Pigs BBQ and catering.

Rick Stofer, Competition BBQ


"I had a catastrophic failure with my smoker before I had the Tappecue monitoring

system where I lost not only my meat but also my smoker. Losing a smoker full of meat

alone costs more than the Tappecue unit itself.  I cook every week and having theTappecue is not only convenient but is also a great value in both time and money savings."
Rick Stofer is the owner of Smokin' Sons BBQ Cafe and Smokin' Buddha BBQ Team

John Bradley, American Royal
Pork Champion

"I purchased Tappecue for use at BBQ Competitions because of the 4 probes in one

device and no batteries needed.  The temperatures matched up great with my Tel-Tru

thermometer that is on my smoker unlike a lot of the other cheap meat thermometers

I  had in the past.

Something else, I don't even have a smartphone but when I saw the ability to get the

smoking history graphs I've decided to explore entering the world of tablets so I can

get this tracking information to use in my competitions! "

John Bradley is the owner at NKC Brake and Head Chef for
Hang Em High BBQ team.

Bill Pell, Post Mountain BBQ
Restaurant Owner

“I use Tappecue every day in our restaurant for smoking brisket since I purchased it

6-8 months ago. We slow cook our brisket up to 24 hours and it frees me up so I

don’t have to be standing by the pit the whole time. I monitor it on my phone app

and am there when I need to be. And the other important thing for me, is the

consistency. We get it at just the right temperature for taking the meat off and our

brisket is the always the same. We are getting good feedback from our customers

in regard to quality and consistency. Tappecue has never missed a lick and been

dependable. I’m thankful that I found Tappecue. It allows us to produce authentic

Texas BBQ for a very discerning customer base.” 


Bill Pell – Post Mountain BBQ – Burnet, Tx.

John Dale, Weekend Warrior

"This is one of the slickest devices I have seen for a long time and I'm really glad that I bought one. I have sold 2 to people I work with and have a few other people watching my ‘doings’.  One more feather in the cap of Tappecue – about a month ago I was having problems with my furnace and I used the Tappecue to monitor the temp in the house – If I saw “LOW” I knew that I had to head home and reset it because it was below 50. I really love this unit and thanks for the great product!" 


John Dale, is a smoking hobbyist from the Chicago area that cooks all year long(the paths to my grills are cleared before my driveway!!)..with 3 smokers 1 Weber charcoal grill and a ‘large’ 6 burner natural gas grill.


John Dale, is a smoking hobbyist from the Chicago area that cooks all year long(the paths to my grills are cleared before my driveway!!)..with 3 smokers 1 Weber charcoal grill and a ‘large’ 6 burner natural gas grill.

Bob Bennett

"Fantastic company, great product. First, the actual product is very well made, and the included probes are very accurate and always read within one degree of each other. The app is great, easily customizable to your specific cooking style, and easy to use. You do need to follow the included instructions for the initial setup to the letter in order to get it hooked into your network. I did, and exactly zero issues. And the company is very responsive, kind and compassionate. If you like the idea of a small-time maker creating a great consumer/business product, get this thing, you'll be glad you did.

Second, the life saving part. I was recently doing a cook for a catering gig in a smoker, and because it was chicken I was monitoring the temp very closely so as not to dry it out. I was busy doing other things for a few minutes, and glanced at the app to check the temps, and saw some very very high readings. Thinking the probes had all gone bad, I went to check on the smoker to find it had caught on fire. But it was because of the thermometer that I caught it early in the fire. Had it not alerted me to the high temps I might have walked into a potentially deadly situation, if gases had had time to build up in the smoker. The smoker ended up being destroyed, but it and the probes (and the chicken...) were the only losses." 

Steve, Signature Sausage Company

"We have been using Tappecue almost daily for the last 18 months and it's been extremely reliable. It's been a huge benefit for our company." 

Gary Gunn

"I love my Tappecue! The freedom it gives you to do whatever while keeping track of the smoker temp and meat temps. Four probes is also a huge feature! Trust me, you will not be disappointed if you buy one."