Tappecue: Who We Are

Tappecue is the future of thermometers used by BBQ and grilling enthusiasts of all stripes. Started by a team of entrepreneurs in the barbecue capitol of the world (Kansas City, of course), Tappecue is changing the way that professionals and enthusiasts guarantee that they get the perfect cook every time they grill or smoke. Paired with our proprietary SessionBook and Offline Modes, Tappecue becomes and even more powerful tool that enables grill masters to fine-tune and perfect their technique to create award-winning winning recipes.

Growing Tappecue: From KC Startup To National Brand

With the help of the Kansas City startup community, and the enthusiasm from the local and national barbecue community, the word about Tappecue has spread like wildfire. Reaching more barbecue enthusiasts every year, we're proud to have brought a product to market that our customers love. As lovers of the grilling arts ourselves, creating the technology that enables anybody to cook the perfect meal on the grill continues to be a joy.