Tappecue SessionBook

Save Your Session History 

How SessionBook Works ...

An option for everyone - 

5 Sessions - FREE
+5 - $1.99/ea
Unlimited - $9.95/mo

What is Tappecue SessionBook? 

Tappecue SessionBook is a paid, web-based feature that works in conjunction with your
Tappecue device by storing the historical log of time/temps of your Tappecue session(s)
onto the Tappecue Cloud for ease of access, giving you a “Book” to store data,
notes, recipes, images, etc. thus creating a wealth of BBQ data to improve your processes

and, as such, your final results.  SessionBook allows its subscribers the freedom to save all

their smoking sessions in one convenient location: www.tappecue.net.  Access these sessions

any time.  Add images, notes, recipes, etc. to the saved session for later viewing.  Make your

adjustments (or don't make any if your BBQ turned out perfect already).  Explore, create, & tweak

new and/or old recipes.  Most importantly, record what you've done and improve upon it.  

Chances are your BBQ will improve or at least stay consistent.  


How does it work? 

When a session is ended, users will receive a pop-up alert asking if they would like to save the session.  If it is marked to save, then the saved session will be stored in the consumer’s Tappecue SessionBook account (which is the same as your Tappecue account).  To access the stored date, the consumer will need to log in with their Tappecue account ID and password at www.tappecue.net.  Each saved session will have time/temp data points at a time interval of 2 minutes and each saved session will be visible at any time in your Tappecue SessionBook. Tappecue SessionBook saves up to 7 days worth of data at a time, so to see a session longer than 7 days you need to end it and save every 7 days. 


Why is Tappecue SessionBook a Paid-Feature and what are the charges likely to be?

The Tappecue SessionBook stores all historical data on the Tappecue Cloud so that you can come back to it and access it whenever.  The Tappecue cloud servers cost money to maintain high levels of stored data and when there is a buildup of data, the fees increase as well.  Each customer is responsible for their share of data usage and stored data.  A customer can chose to save unlimited sessions for a monthly charge of $9.95 with no long term commitments, or save a single session for $1.99/each.  Those who opt for the monthly subscription will need to wait 1 business day for their subscription-level access to become available.  So it’s best to sign up for the monthly subscription a couple days before you know you want to end a session that you’ll want to save. 


Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes, you can save 5 sessions for free each month.  After the 5th session, you will be prompted to purchase each saved session for $1.99 per session until the beginning of the next month. If you like session book you can purchase a monthly plan for $9.95 that grants unlimited saves to session book.

Can I email it?

You can email your Session too. You will have unlimited access to view your Session in SessionBook for 7 days after it has been ended. This will allow you to email it and save it to your computer. But, you will have to be responsible for your own storage of the session. 


Can data be exported?  

When a session is ended, the consumer may still choose to send the .csv file to his/her email (this is always free).  Tappecue Session Book will only have .pdf printouts available.  It may be beneficial for restaurants/food processors and health inspectors to have a non-modifiable log of time and temps.


Can images be uploaded from my phone?

Yes, use the browser app on the phone and navigate to tappecue.net.  From there you can navigate to images and upload them from your phone.  There is, however, a restriction on the size of the image of 4 MB. 

Can notes show up in the graph? 

Yes, however, as of now there is no way of adding notes directly to the graph.  In order to see notes on your graph you will need to add them in the Temperature link instead of the Graph link.  First, you will need navigate to the graph and find the time/temperature point in which you want to add the note.  **Hint: Clicking on the legend of probes turns graph line off and on for viewing one probe at a time.  Remember the time point you want to add the note at.  Notes can only be added on the view of all the temps.  Once you’re in the table view of all temps, you can filter for the probe wanted and navigate to the time you remembered and next add your note.  They will then show up in the hints of your graph.

Where do I get to my SessionBook? 

SessionBook is now available in-app.  You can also view your session at https://www.tappecue.net.  You will need access to your Tappecue AccountID and your Password to log in.  You may access this from any browser on your PC/MAC laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device. 

To Subscribe to Tappecue SessionBook for $9.95 per month follow the link below.