Whatsoever Charity Competition

Last Friday, Team Tappecue took a field trip to visit our long acquainted community, Whatsoever, for their Racing for the B-B-Q competition and charity raffle. Whatsoever was my preschool, and is still running today helping underprivileged families establish a solid foundation for life. Team Tappecue President, Gina, donated a Tappecue for their raffle to help further their mission and provide others with the opportunity for a great preschool, and beyond, experience.

Charlie and the Whatsoever Community has been influential in the success of Tappecue. We found some of our very first customers at their BBQ competition 4 years back. One customer, Jay, was smoking a whole hog for the event and let us try some of the "liquid bacon". But it wasn't just the "liquid bacon" from the whole hog roast that kept us happy; it was the fact that even our first customers from 4 years back are still using their Tappecues.

Teams Hang 'em High, Valley Oaks Steak Company, and Fistful of Meat have all been with us from the very beginning.

Congratulations to Craig Schmidt for winning the Tappecue at the raffle.

Meeting old friends, making new friends, great BBQ for a great cause. That's what it is all about.

For more information about Whatsover Community Center go to http://www.whatsoevercenter.org/

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