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Honey Sriracha Applewood Smoked Chicken Thighs

The Good-One The Open Range

Friday at Team Tappecue's office, we decided to put the Tappecue's Offline Mode in good use. We were able to test out the new functionality of Tappecue and the precision of the Good-One smoker to create a tasty honey-sriracha, applewood smoked chicken. The trusty Good-One didn't disappoint. In fact, it's hard to beat the amazing duo of Tappecue and The Good-One. The Good-One holds temperature at a constant state of 225°F for as long as it has the fuel to maintain such temperature; All the while, the Tappecue keeps you informed on the fuel and internal temperature of your cook so you can make adjustments when need be.

Tappecue / Good-One Duo

We improvised a quick recipe for the chicken.




Himalayan Salt





(Brush sauce on every once-in-awhile during the smoke OR sit chicken in aluminum tray covered in sauce flipping halfway through the smoke)

About equal parts of each ingredient... Clove and Sriracha are strong flavors, so it's best to keep them a little on the lighter side.

Using Hardwood Lump Charcoal and Applewood Chunks, we smoked the chicken until the internal temperature reached 165°F (approximately 3-4 hours).

Offline Mode worked flawlessly; In order to receive the alerts, I left my phone open on the Tappecue Quick Temp View sitting next to my laptop while working. The Good-One Open Range stayed consistent throughout the entire cook which allowed me to stay busy at the office without having to constantly adjust air vents. Once the chicken reached the desired internal temp of 165°F, we took it off and got some quick pics. Results were in, and Team Tappecue was fully satisfied!

Not a bad day at the office thanks to The Good-One and Tappecue Offline Mode.

How has Offline Mode helped you?

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